Tooth Colored Fillings


Porcelain or gold Crowns (caps) and Bridges

Composite or tooth coloured fillings are esthetically pleasing and are extremely strong. We routinely place composite fillings in both the front and back in our patients' mouths.


Silver fillings are also offered if you prefer.  The strength is comparable to the white fillings  and are bonded into place with the latest and best bond available.

Root Canals

Root canals are like very large fillings, the bad part of the inside of the root is removed and the good is placed in the canal to restore the tooth.  There are many reasons why a root canal may be necessary.  Decay into the pulp of a tooth, trauma, cracks, bruxism (grinding or clenching), abscesses, and occlusion, are likely causes.


Usually, the nerve of the tooth has been affected to a point where it needs to be cleaned out in order to save the tooth. After a root canal, the tooth will be non-vital (dead) and may become brittle.   The coronal part of the tooth will need to be crowned so that the tooth does not fracture.  A crown (or cap) is usually recommended afterwards to keep the tooth strong.

Tooth Extractions

When teeth are decayed or broken down and no longer restorable, extractions are necessary. Simple and surgical extractions are performed at our office, along with emergency treatments on a walk-in basis. 

All options will always be discussed with patients on how to replace their missing teeth. 

Beautiful Young Woman

Porcelain veneers are used in esthetic cases where patients do not like the size, shape, colour or contour of their existing teeth. Veneers are made similarly to a crown which are made in our state of the art lab!  They are similar to crowns but only cover the outside surface of the tooth.  Temporary veneers will be placed and in a  week patients can have the perfect, white, celebrity smile that they always wanted!

We commonly place crowns or caps on severely broken down and heavily restored teeth. A crown is a full coverage restoration which protects and covers the entire tooth. Crowns are a great preventative form of restorative dentistry, as they help stop future breakdown or fracture of natural teeth.


Porcelain bridges are fabricated for our patients when they request an aesthetic treatment and are missing a tooth. Porcelain crowns will be placed on both teeth directly beside the space. A third crown will then sit in the space, cemented to the 2 crowns, making a very nice bridge. This treatment will allow the patient to chew and smile again!


Dental Implants

Dental implants have gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years. Implants allow patients to replace missing teeth, whereas in the past,  dentures and bridges were the only options.

A) Single tooth implants: Often patients lose a single tooth due to trauma or infection. The dental implant is a great aesthetic option because patients can now have the tooth replaced without touching the adjoining teeth.

B) Implant supported dentures: Do you notice your dentures are always loose and are moving around? If you are having trouble eating or even talking, the addition of implants may be a great option for you.

C) Multiple implants/Implant bridges: Dental implants can be used to fill a larger space if there is more that one missing tooth. This would be called an implant supported bridge and is an option if a patient does not want to wear dentures.



We provide both full and partial removable dentures.  Immediate, or same day dentures are also available so that you can confidently leave your appointment with a full smile. 

  With the addition of implants to secure the dentures in place, our patients have been enjoying their dentures like never before!  Now you can smile, eat and interact without having to worry about your dentures being loose or having food get stuck underneath while eating! 




We are very proud to be the first to introduce Myobrace Orthodontic System to Manitoba!!  This system has been used successfully for almost 30 years in the States and we have brought it to Matheson!

Myobrace helps children to develop as nature intended while allowing the jaws to grow in proper position, which may eliminate the need for braces!  Book a consultation to find out more!!

Oral Hygiene

Zoom Whitening is done in the office so that you have the opportunity to leave with a whiter, brighter smile in an hour!  Custom made whitening trays are included with this option.


Spa Dent Home Whitening is a premium whitening system that was created to whiten your teeth in a less invasive way, causing less sensitivity that the traditional home whitening.  The upper and lower trays are custom made for your comfort.

Team Spirit

Sports guards

Our office uses the best material to produce our sportsguard!  It is made out of a rubber rather than a plastic (which creates a negative impaction for the player), whereas the rubber relects this negativity away from the player, allowing them to remain focused on the important play!

Our Hygienists provide the latest in healthcare education for your peace of mind.  Their enthusiasm is contagious!  You will always look forward to leaving with that sparkling smile!!

Nightguards & snoring appliances

Grinding or clenching of the teeth occurs and effects more people than realized.  After diagnosing which appliance that  you may need, impressions will be taken to make your custom appliance.  In a week your night appliance will be delivered and instructions guiding you to a more restful and stress-free sleep will begin!